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It’s with great pride that we can announce that Backflow Prevent’s parent company – Mark Leonard Plumbing was recently voted as one of Melbourne’s Top 10 Plumbers by the Herald Sun. We’ll provide an introduction Mark himself, a few details about some of the Top 10 Plumbers selected, and lastly, some tips on selecting a plumber that’s right for you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

(A message from Mark Leonard)

Mark Leonard Plumbing was voted one of the Top 10 Melbourne Plumbers in a vote from Leader Newspaper readers. The vote polled readers opinions on excellent in trades and the Top 10 Plumbers list announced in March 2020.

With offices based on Mitcham, we focus on ensuring smooth and respectful interactions with all clients and ensuring the delivery of our plumbing services adhere to the highest quality standards. The Leader Newspaper group recently ran a voting process where readers could choose their favourite/top 10 plumbers in Melbourne, and Mark Leonard plumbing was voted in the top 10.

Our proactive and energetic style in ensuring quality plumbing outcomes is recognised (and in this case rewarded!) by our loyal customer base. The work we do for our clients is strongly supported by a good team and company culture and smooth communication between our tradespeople and the office team.

When recently helping an Elderly client based in with the loss of 2 family heirlooms – an engagement and wedding ring, we were able to retrieve these from underneath her kitchen sink in a drain/trap. She was 100% convinced she would never see these again, and they were lost in the Never Never somewhere in Werribee and was in quite a panic, so it was an incredibly satisfying job to be able to help retrieve them. We also love to tackle jobs like fixing broken hot water heaters where the impact of the issues is creating difficulty for the family – as despite often being straight forward plumbing tasks – the value we offer for customers in these cases is so very high.

Our work for clients makes a material difference to the comfort and wellbeing of our customer base, and we love this part of our job. Our team of plumbers should take significant credit for this vote of confidence by readers, as they work really hard on delivering quality plumbing work. Our relationship with long term clients couldn’t be stronger and we are regularly invited back into their homes and often referred to family members / cousins and friends.

I want to say thankyou to our loyal customers for putting their confidence in us and voting us into the Top 10 Plumbers in Melbourne.

Mark Leonard

A few of the other Top 10 Plumbers in Melbourne as voted by Herald Sun

Borza Plumbing, Berwick

Borza Plumbing who made the Top 10 Plumbers list are located in Berwick in Melbourne, and handle a range of plumbing work according to their website. They state they work with real estate agents, as well as doing work for the general public and also working for child care centres.

King and Sons, Glenroy

Another Top 10 Plumber is King and Son’s plumbing whose website outlines their profile which states they have a team of plumbers with over 25 years of experience in a range of plumbing areas. They work on property management and real estate projects as well as doing work for residential and general commercial projects. They service all suburbs of Melbourne.

RDH Plumbing, Mill Park

Based in Mill Park in Victoria, RDH Plumbing works with clients to ensure a quality outcome in their plumbing work. Their website outlines their approach to plumbing and explains they maintain environmentally friendly standards in the way they carry out their plumbing projects. They work on maintaining their skills and industry best practice in the projects they deliver.

David McCarthy Plumbing, Laverton North

David Mc Carthy Plumbing also made the Herald Sun Top 10 Plumbers in Melbourne list and according to their website, have a team with over 16 years of experience. They claim to maintain appropriate insurance and qualifications and work on residential as well as business and industrial plumbing jobs. They handle Plumbing and Gas Fitting as well as working on new build and renovation construction projects.

Smart Plumbing, Ravenhall

According to Herald Sun, Smart Plumbing in Ravenhall in Melbourne is another of Melbourne’s Top 10 Plumbers. They work alongside architects, property developers and builders and partner with a range of trade service providers. They claim a team with broad experience and an ability to muster the right resources matched to the needs of the projects. They state they have a good understanding of the building process and the pressures these entail and strive to deliver value to customers.

Titan Plumbing, Williamstown

Titan Plumbing based in Melbourne made the list of Mebourne’s Top 10 Plumbers and their website outlines a base of over 15 years experience amongst their team. The business is run by husband and wife team Matt and Charlotte Wilson, and they have a key focus on ensuring a strong reputation in the market, built through ensuring they offer a guarantee over their work and employ a team of plumbers and gasfitters with a passion for their work.

Plumbarr Plumbing, Melbourne

Plumbarr Plumbing based on Melbourne made the Herald Sun Top 10 list and support clients in planning the approach to plumbing maintenance and installations. Their range of service offerings cover roof plumbing, as well as maintenance and plumbing repairs. They support builders and property managers in new builds as well as home renovation projects.

How to choose a Top 10 Plumber

When selecting a Top Melbourne plumber there are many issues to consider and we’ve provided some suggestions below on what those are, and some criteria to use when reviewing these. It’s important you consider how you choose a plumber and ask the right questions, and in this brief guide – we’ll provide some input on how to decide.

When selecting a plumber, find out if they are fully insured with an appropriate trade insurance policy, and be sure they are fully licenced and registered with the Victorian Building Authority or the equivalent local authority in your area if you are not based in Victoria.

The length of time a plumber has been in business is a good signal of their delivery of good plumbing work, and checking how long they have been around is a sensible first step. Before you begin, ensure you are comfortable with the quotation the plumber has provided and that it feels like a reasonable estimate for the work you wish to get done.

Check that the plumber you are considering has client references that prove they deliver good work, and check online review sites like Google, and Facebook for references from happy clients. It’s important also that your plumber offers some kind of warranty over the delivered work and a commitment to fixing any issues that may arise afterwards.

We’ve outlined before 5 questions to ask of your potential plumbing company that will help increase the chance you choose a top plumber for the job. Alas if you ignore these issues and pick the first quote that comes in – it can be a bit of a lottery as to whether you get a good job done and work you are happy with ongoing. Importantly, choosing a plumber if done right can result in a lasting professional relationship to keep things running smoothly in your household.

  1. Check on the cost of the plumber work carefully.
    Attention should be paid to proper estimation of plumbing jobs and if your plumber hasn’t seen the problems you are experiencing in person, and has not yet visited your business or your home, you need to be a bit careful about the confidence you place in the estimate provided. Some jobs don’t need a site visit to quote accurately but most complex plumbing jobs will need an inspect before accurate quotations can be delivered that factor in, with accuracy, the parts and labour required to deliver a quality plumbing outcome. Ask questions on this point if you have a verbal quote and check what is involved in translating this into a written quote.
  2. Be sure you know who will actually do the work.
    Some plumbers may send out a sub-contracting plumbing to tackle you job, so it’s worth checking that the person you are speaking to – or at least members of their firm, will be the ones actually completing the job. Check on the skills and experience of the plumber completing the plumbing job, or if the work is being passed on to another plumber or firm, check on their qualifications and experience.
  3. Ensure they are licensed.
    The Victorian Building Authority issues plumbing licenses based on plumber’s experience and qualificaitons and also checks on compliance with things like Health and Safety practices and experience of plumbers. For this reason you should make sure your job is being done by licensed and registered plumbers only. This will ensure they have demonstrated an appropriate level of plumbing experience, increasing the chances your plumbing project achieves a successful outcome.
  4. Ask about insurance coverage held by the plumber.
    When choosing a plumber, you want to make sure that they have coverage for both problems with the work completed due to fault or neglicence (Professional indemnity or trade insurance) and also that they have coverage in the event of unexpected accident or injury (public liability cover). Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage is a sensible check to be sure you and they are protected if something goes wrong.
  5. Fixed quotes or just estimates?
    When you are getting a quote from the plumber, it would typically be in your interests to get a fixed quote so you have surety / knowledge of the expected cost. In some cases however there may be too many unknowns or the plumber may need to inspect some aspect of the job before being able to hone in on an accurate cost. If you find your plumber wants more details or a site visit before quoting, This is not necessariy a warning sign, but instead may simply be the plumber executing on a dilligent process to ensure the work is understood. Discuss with them how the communication, and the process will run to ensure your expectations are managed appropriately.

You’re ready to start! Now you have a sensible set of selection criteria to evaluate, you’re ready to begin engaging with candidate plumbers. If you need a Top Melbourne Plumber, or need assistance with a Backflow prevention or testing job, give Backflow Prevent a call on (03) 9873 4879 and we’d be pleased to discuss your needs and set you on the right path to getting a quality job done.

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