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Backflow Prevent are Master Plumbers, who have built a proud reputation based on 30 years of looking after our local communities. Originating as a family business in the late 1980’s, we have held true to our core values of integrity and reliability.

We think that a high standard of professionalism and expertise are entry cards for a quality plumbing services business, and we like to think that it’s the friendly caring service that truly makes us stand out.


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    Why Use Backflow Prevent For Your Commercial Building?

    Fast, Affordable & Experienced

    With over 19 years of combined backflow prevention experience, you can rest assured that Backflow Prevent will assess your commercial building correctly. We’re proud to take our job with the seriousness it deserves. After all, our backflow prevention device testing keeps drinking water clean for you and your neighbours, while simultaneously protecting your business, organisation or home from the liability of contaminating the local water supply.

    Backflow Prevent is happy to install, service and test your backflow prevention device. Our backflow plumbers are licensed to help you meet all current regulations regarding backflow prevention. Remember, law requires backflow devices be inspected annually by a certified professional backflow tester.

    Certified Testing is the Law in Australia

    It’s true that any plumber can install a backflow prevention device, but according to Australian law it takes a certified professional to test its operation. Fortunately, we’re extremely affordable and always complete the job quickly, backed by the certification of accredited backflow prevention courses. The plumbing industry commission & backflow prevention association of Australia

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