Compliance with Backflow Testing Regulations in Victoria

Since the introduction of the Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) regulations 2014 in Victoria, a number of Melbourne and Victorian Water Authorities are starting to increase compliance monitoring in relation to Backflow Testing and regular submission of test reports to the Water Authority demonstrating recent testing by a license Backflow Testing Plumber.

Have you received a notice that looks something like this?

South East Water letter screenshot
Yarra Valley letter screenshot

Water Authorities including City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and those in rural locations have all increased a focus recently on Backflow Prevention compliance.   Many property owners, strata and body corporate managers, and building managers have been provided with a Backflow Self Assesment Questionnaire and asked to report on recent Annual Backflow Test results with their local water authority.

For many property owners and property managers, testing of their Backflow Containment Devices has not been top of the priority list, and the government is seeking a change in this focus.  High Quality Water is a matter of public safety and concern, and despite annual backflow testing not being in place for many property owners, luckily the path to compliance is fairly straight forward.

Licensed Backflow Testing Plumbers

Backflow Prevent are licensed backflow prevention plumbers and available to pop out to test backflow containment devices in place in your property and provide a backflow test report to support this process.

The authorities state that property owners must:

  • Arrange for the testing of the containment backflow prevention device(s) at your property, and;
  • Arrange for the repair or replacement of each device if identified to be defective.

Backflow Prevent can assist with Backflow Containment Device testing and repair and provide an ongoing annual testing service to ensure you avoid any fines or sanctions for non compliance.

Victorian Backflow Testing Compliance Regulations

According to “Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) Regulations 2014, Regulation 12, Testing of Backflow Prevention Device” property owners must supply annual reports, and penalties or fines may arise if the matter is not taken care of.

In many cases backflow device repair or backflow device replacement is not necessary and simply testing and preparing a backflow test report is all that’s needed, but should we find any issues during testing, we consult with clients regarding cost of repair or replacement to ensure they are comfortable to proceed.

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